What Can LogiTeks Do For Your Business?

Web Based Software Solutions

Reduce the amount of cost to your business by limiting the technology expenses
Rapid development and deployment of a business application for smaller development lead times
Accessed by multiple users from any computer with an Internet connection
Can also be accessed via mobile devices i.e. iPhone, iPad, and tablet computers
Users are automatically viewing the most up-to-date company information via a web browser

Data Management Solutions

Expert consultation and knowledge of best practices in the area of database storage, design, and development
Your own dedicated database to store your data securely
Data is 100% secure at all times
Reliable and accessible 24 hours per day 7 days per week
Instantly updated and viewable by all authorized users via the web user interface

Project Management Solutions

Provide a detailed project plan complete with a project time-line and estimates for each task
A good faith estimate and budget that will allow you to view the project in quantitative terms
Project milestones that require updates and demonstrations where applicable
Fully implemented system before the project is considered complete
Training curriculum development